Facebook says California’s new privacy law doesn’t apply to its trackers. These lawyers disagree. | Vox

By Sara Morrison
December 17, 2019

The California Consumer Protection Act, which regulates data collection, doesn’t go into effect until next month, but it may already be heading for a showdown with one of the biggest data collectors of them all: Facebook.

When the CCPA (full text here, if you really want to dig in) goes into effect on January 1, it will be the strictest digital privacy law in the United States to date, and the first law in the country that gives adults some rights over the collection of their data. Companies will be required to tell California residents what data about them is being collected, if it’s being sold, and to whom. It will give California residents the ability to opt out of having their data sold, and in some cases let them access and delete data a company has about them.


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