How Social Media Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology | Forbes

By Andrew Arnold
June 24, 2018

Facebook has been very busy in recent months, digging into and deleting false accounts that have posted fake news for several years now. Blockchain distributed ledger system can work to prevent all of this in the first place.

Verifying identities, verifying information and data that has been posted, etc. are all things that blockchain holds the promise to do. For instance, the 0xcert protocol provides a framework for developers to build powerful decentralized apps (dapps), enabling everyone to easily authenticate and manage their digital or real-world assets (such as original content, ID, university degree, in-game item or a house) on the blockchain. This can also help with gathering and verifying all types of data, including news and other information shared online.

The momentum is growing, and there will be pressure on social media platforms to incorporate this technology, either through third-party providers or by developing their own blockchain environment for verification.


Source: How Social Media Can Benefit From Blockchain Technology

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