Minecraft and Children’s Digital Making: Implications for Media Literacy Education | Taylor Francis Online

By Michael Dezuanni
June 3, 2018

This article aims to contribute new knowledge about the media literacies children assemble as they play the digital game Minecraft which it describes as a children’s digital making platform. The article argues media literacy’s tendency to use socio-cultural and humanist accounts of media participation limit its ability to fully explain digital making practices. Socio-material and performative literacy theories are used to introduce a framework for exploring digital media literacies across four nodes: digital materials, media production, conceptual understanding and media analysis [Dezuanni, M. 2015.“The Building Blocks of Digital Media Literacy: Socio-material Participation and the Production of Media Knowledge.”Journal of Curriculum Studies 47 (3): 416–419]. The article’s second half outlines how the author uses digital ethnography in his home to understand children’s Minecraft digital making and the article’s theoretical claims are explored using empirical data. The conclusion considers the ramifications of digital making for media literacy research and practice.

Source: Minecraft and children’s digital making: implications for media literacy education | Taylor Francis Online 

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