President Trump’s Interactions With Media: Not a Standout in Any Category | The Washington Post

By Glenn Kessler
May 29, 2018

Martha Kumar, professor emeritus at Towson University, assiduously keeps track of every presidential interaction with the media, dating to Ronald Reagan. She graciously shared her data, including some of her spreadsheets, to show us how she tracks the information.

Kumar keeps track of three broad categories — short question-and-answer sessions, interviews and news conferences. The news conferences are further divided between solo news conference and joint news conferences with foreign leaders or other officials. For Trump, she has also been counting tweets — 3,201 as of April 29, which is one year and 100 days after he took office.


Here’s a rundown of the numbers. You will see that Trump does not lead the pack in any category.

Source: President Trump’s interactions with media: Not a standout in any category – The Washington Post

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