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By Media Consortium
May 24, 2018

This closed network gathering will relaunch the Media Consortium ( as a new organization that lives at the intersection of social justice, racial equity and journalism.

From now until May 31, we invite all those interested to work with us to envision what such an organization will look like and what it will do. If you want to be part of these conversations, please contact us via email.

The network gathering itself will be restricted to those who in some way have participated in the planning process or who are interested in helping to launch the new organization. Along with staff at current Media Consortium outlets, we particularly welcome and invite staff from news outlets serving geographically and culturally specific communities; journalists who see social justice movements as valuable partners, and allies in media policy, philanthropic, educational and social justice work.

We are requiring a small fee for this gathering that will cover catering costs. In addition to this fee, all attendees at this network gathering must be registered for the Allied Media Conference. Please do that first by going to

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