Mitigating Misinformation

Misinformation is a growing societal concern around the world, despite decades of debate over the roles of information media in mass democracies. How are activists, scientists, corporations, and other actors attempting to mitigate misinformation? For many, adding more technology has been the answer, while others have focused on media literacy or fact checking. At this stage, what responses seem to hold the most promise? 

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NPR’s Sarah McCammon talks with Dr. Hyung Chun, professor of cardiology at Yale and senior author of a study in COVID breakthrough cases, on vaccine misinformation following the death of Colin Powell. […] Source: Expert helps untangle vaccine misinformation that has followed Colin Powell’s death | NPR

Governments and civil society have tried a number of different approaches to fight misinformation. But the barriers are formidable. Latin America has among the world’s highest rates of social media use, making countries fertile territory for fake news. But several of the proposed solutions infringe on free speech or can be easily abused by authoritarian […]

In her office in Freiburg im Breisgau, a town in the sunny southwestern corner of Germany at the foot of the Black Forest, Sarah Pohl is overwhelmed. A woman has called in distress after her husband said he would divorce her if she got vaccinated. A man has lamented that his wife refused to send […]

Our country has never really had a vaccine debate like the one we’re currently having. One reason is that the coronavirus pandemic forced us to produce, test and deploy vaccines much more quickly than ever before. And a second, big one is that our new media paradigm has provided much more of a platform for […]

On a cloudy evening in Nairobi, Berhan Taye is scrolling through a spreadsheet in which she has helped document more than 140 Facebook posts from Ethiopia that contain hate speech. There are videos of child abuse, texts of hate speech against different ethnic groups, and hours-long live streams inciting hatred. These posts breach Facebook community […]

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