Mitigating Misinformation

Misinformation is a growing societal concern around the world, despite decades of debate over the roles of information media in mass democracies. How are activists, scientists, corporations, and other actors attempting to mitigate misinformation? For many, adding more technology has been the answer, while others have focused on media literacy or fact checking. At this stage, what responses seem to hold the most promise? 

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Latest News on Mitigating Misinformation

Facebook has been weathering a series of disapproving news cycles after clarifying that its disinformation policies exempt political ads from review for truthfulness. There are now reports that the company is considering reducing the targeting options available to political advertisers. No matter how Facebook and its counterparts tweak their policies, whatever these companies do will […]

The news: Facebook has revealed a huge jump in images of child sex abuse uploaded to the website: 11.6 million pieces of content from July to September this year, versus 6.9 million from April to June. However, it proactively detects and removes over 99% of all such images, and the large increase is due to […]

In this episode of the Arbiters of Truth series—Lawfare’s new podcast series on disinformation in the run-up to the 2020 election—Quinta Jurecic and Evelyn Douek spoke with Daphne Keller, the director of intermediary liability at Stanford’s Center for Internet and Society, about the nuts and bolts of content moderation. People often have big ideas for […]

Given trends towards misinformation, weaponized communications, information overload, and polarization in our online information ecosystem, what are potential solutions for promoting truth and trust online? Over the course of two days in October, groups actively working in this space convened to present their findings and trade tips. Organized by a diversity of researchers and practitioners […]

Sometimes it seems as though disinformation is rampant, not just on social media platforms, but in the news environment in general. And that has highlighted the practice of fact-checking as a standalone practice, done by journalists dedicated to the task. How did we get here? And what are the best practices when doing that kind […]

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