Mitigating Misinformation

Misinformation is a growing societal concern around the world, despite decades of debate over the roles of information media in mass democracies. How are activists, scientists, corporations, and other actors attempting to mitigate misinformation? For many, adding more technology has been the answer, while others have focused on media literacy or fact checking. At this stage, what responses seem to hold the most promise? 

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Late Thursday, the Washington Post landed what looked like a big scoop: the paper obtained an unpublished slide presentation from inside the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggesting that the Delta variant of the coronavirus spreads as easily as chickenpox, and that fully vaccinated people who become infected with the variant may be able […]

With less than half the United States population fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and as the delta variant sweeps the nation, the U.S. surgeon general issued an advisory that called misinformation an urgent threat to public health. The advisory said efforts by social media companies to combat misinformation are “too little, too late and still don’t […]

The World Health Organization (WHO) is collaborating with Pravda Association, a non-profit fact-checking organization in Poland, to raise awareness about the harms of misinformation, especially among those most vulnerable. In February 2021, with support from WHO, Pravda Association organized a drawing contest entitled “To look in the eyes of truth” among 9-14-year-old children in schools […]

Since the coronavirus pandemic erupted last year, PolitiFact has fact-checked hundreds of misleading statements about the development, deployment, content, safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. Even as the U.S. sees a rise in cases among unvaccinated populations, the unsupported claims keep coming. False narratives that the vaccines are mandatory and that they result in widespread death more […]

If you live outside the United States, you might not be familiar with the country’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. It’s highly likely, though, that Covid-19 vaccine mis- and disinformation with roots in the sprawling database has spread to your country. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or VAERS, is a publicly accessible, crowdsourced database […]

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