Health scares and disease outbreaks have been accompanied by misinformation narratives throughout history, and the outbreak of novel coronavirus in late 2019 is no exception. This research topic explores intersections between misinformation, science, fear, and public health.

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The pandemic moment has unleashed contagions of stigmatization and health misinformation, compounding the adverse health and socioeconomic effects of Covid-19 on marginalized communities. In this Live Research Review, Jonathan Corpus Ong discusses emerging findings on racially targeted disinformation and opportunistic legislation.

The collision between a global pandemic and a world with global connectivity may be unprecedented, but scientists have a long tradition of trying to understand how societies respond to crisis. This research review examines the intersections of misinformation and public health, and explores how humans make sense of emergencies.

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As new data shows 1 in 500 Americans has died from COVID-19 and the delta variant continues to surge across the country, the next challenge many health care leaders face is within their own staffs: the 27% of of U.S. health care workers who have not been vaccinated against the disease as of July, according […]

“Misinformation” is creating a “real dilemma” for young people considering whether they should take the Covid-19 vaccine, Northern Ireland’s mental health champion has said. Prof Siobhán O’Neill said it had left young people questioning “whether the vaccine is safe”. There should not be that level of “uncertainty”, she added. She said trust needed to be […]

This article explores the ways in which offline conspiracist material concerned with Covid-19 is presented and structured through a content analysis of The Light, a newspaper produced and distributed by activists in the U.K. Our analysis shows that conspiracy theories related to Covid-19 are included alongside a range of other, non-conspiracist content and that readers […]

This programme invites UK and US-based researchers at any career stage, and active in any discipline within the humanities and social sciences, to submit proposals focused on UK-US vaccine engagement, including examples of community confidence and hesitancy. Aims COVID-19 is the most challenging health crisis we have faced for decades. Its impacts are changing lives, […]

With the FDA approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine and the continued surge of the delta variant, governments across the world have renewed their push to increase the number of vaccinated individuals by persuading the holdouts. On Sept. 9, 2021, President Joe Biden announced sweeping vaccine mandates, expressing frustration at the vaccine holdouts: “We’ve been patient, […]

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