Contexts of Misinformation

Dis- and misinformation are not created and spread in a vacuum. While concerns over information quality have rocketed to prominence in recent years, those concerns have been fueled by political, social, and technological changes decades in the making. We address some of the contexts of misinformation, beginning with political polarization, and the twin concepts of echo chambers and filter bubbles. 

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Terms such as “fake news,” misinformation, disinformation, propaganda, polarization, and networked harassment have rocketed to prominence in recent years. This literature review addresses some of the contexts of misinformation, beginning with political polarization and the twin concepts of ideological echo chambers and filter bubbles.

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Christian nationalists are less likely to get the COVID-19 vaccine while political conservatives express high skepticism toward the coronavirus in general, two new studies published by West Virginia University sociologists conclude. In their first report, published in Vaccine, researchers found that Christian nationalism—the belief that Christianity should permeate American civic life ‑ is one of the […]

In the first months of the pandemic, the U.S. Army failed to warn most soldiers about Chinese and Russian coronavirus disinformation, according to a survey conducted last year and obtained by Foreign Policy. A survey conducted in late May 2020, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, indicated the vast majority of U.S. Army […]

Umang Agarwal is a Hrithik Roshan superfan. For the past five years, he’s run a YouTube channel dedicated to the superstar, who’s popularly dubbed “the Greek god of Bollywood.” Aggarwal typically reposts videos of Roshan’s dance performances, personal messages to politicians and actors, and behind-the-scenes shoots at exotic locations. During the Hindu festival of Rakhi […]

NPR’s Sarah McCammon talks with Dr. Hyung Chun, professor of cardiology at Yale and senior author of a study in COVID breakthrough cases, on vaccine misinformation following the death of Colin Powell. […] Source: Expert helps untangle vaccine misinformation that has followed Colin Powell’s death | NPR

Governments and civil society have tried a number of different approaches to fight misinformation. But the barriers are formidable. Latin America has among the world’s highest rates of social media use, making countries fertile territory for fake news. But several of the proposed solutions infringe on free speech or can be easily abused by authoritarian […]

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