Consequences of Exposure

What happens when individuals are exposed to misinformation? Researchers are studying effects on the societies in which those individuals live, communicate, and make decisions. One of the biggest challenges is measuring the actual effects of misinformation. Scholars have employed ethnographic and behavioral science techniques to try to tease out the ramifications of contaminated information environments.

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Another door slammed shut Friday on the ceaseless and fraudulent campaign by Donald Trump to claim fraud about the 2020 election. The fact that the door closed will not stop Trump from continuing to make his baseless claims about last year’s vote. It should but probably won’t chasten Republican leaders who have refused to fully […]

Rising political polarization is, in part, attributed to the fragmentation of news media and the spread of misinformation on social media. Previous reviews have yet to assess the full breadth of research on media and polarization. We systematically examine 94 articles (121 studies) that assess the role of (social) media in shaping political polarization. Using […]

As a House select committee investigates the causes of the January 6 Capitol insurrection, requesting a variety of data from technology firms that propagated false claims about the election and whose products were used to facilitate the attack, a new report released today from the NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights authored by […]

As children grow up, pediatricians routinely remind their parents when vaccinations are due. But there are few regular notices that nudge adults into getting vaccinations — except for annual flu shots and, more recently, public discussions about coronavirus vaccinations and boosters. Yet, vaccines aren’t just for kids. Adults and older adolescents need them, too. There are […]

Conspiracy theories abound in today’s world: who killed JFK, who killed Princess Diana, “cover-up” of alien landings, “fake” Apollo moon landings, Covid-19 conspiracy theories, “new world order” conspiracy theories, the disturbing American QAnon phenomenon, and many more. A surprising number and diversity of people subscribe to conspiracy theories and it would be very unwise either […]

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