Consequences of Exposure

What happens when individuals are exposed to misinformation? Researchers are studying effects on the societies in which those individuals live, communicate, and make decisions. One of the biggest challenges is measuring the actual effects of misinformation. Scholars have employed ethnographic and behavioral science techniques to try to tease out the ramifications of contaminated information environments.

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Ask any journalist today — especially a woman, person of color, and anyone else from a marginalized community — about how it feels to be a journalist on the internet and the answer will probably be along the lines of exhausting, unpleasant, and scary. For most, if not all, journalists, having a public profile online […]

Conspiracy theorists are using the aviation industry’s concerns about the launch of 5G services near airports as “proof” that their wild claims about the technology are also true. Whether it’s claims that 5G is being used to spread COVID, or that the next-gen wireless technology is part of a plot to control the human population, […]

In a 5,000-strong Telegram group called Awakened Travel, the international unvaccinated discuss how they can roam the world while dodging jab requirements. All manner of resources are available, such as bogus green passes, and tipsheets on which countries have the most relaxed restrictions. A favorite destination is Tanzania. In one sub-group, Liberty Places, I’ve been […]

Have you had the experience of looking at some product online and then seeing ads for it all over your social media feed? Far from coincidence, these instances of eerily accurate advertising provide glimpses into the behind-the-scenes mechanisms that feed an item you search for on Google, “like” on social media or come across while […]

The attack on the U.S. Capitol was based on a “Big Lie” about election fraud in 2020, and the hope of supporters of former President Donald Trump that they could stop the certification of electoral vote results. But in the year since, there’s been a new misinformation campaign to recast, downplay, and misrepresent the events […]

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Professor and Deputy Director of the Centre for Applied Criminology at Birmingham City University