Consequences of Exposure

What happens when individuals are exposed to misinformation? Researchers are studying effects on the societies in which those individuals live, communicate, and make decisions. One of the biggest challenges is measuring the actual effects of misinformation. Scholars have employed ethnographic and behavioral science techniques to try to tease out the ramifications of contaminated information environments.

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Five University of Notre Dame professors who specialize in different areas of democracy studies recently signed a strong statement of concern issued by the think tank New America warning of the serious threats to democracy in the U.S. Notre Dame is a longtime leader in research on democratization in comparative perspective through a number of […]

As an uneasy ceasefire takes hold in Israel–Palestine, digital terror is not slowing down. Online hate, harassment, and coordination of physical violence have sprouted across social media channels. One Israeli group that combats disinformation and hate cannot work fast enough. From its offices in Israel, FakeReporter has been sending reports of online threats to Israeli […]

You see a bit of fake news on Twitter. Should you debunk it? Why not, right? Fact-checkers and researchers have looked at the impact of debunking on the belief in the false claim — and have found little evidence that issuing a correction could backfire, though debates continue. A new paper from Mohsen Mosleh, Cameron […]

In late March, Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party and the country’s deputy prime minister, spoke at a virtual meeting organized by a right-wing media organization. Railing against so-called “LGBT ideology” as an imported Western idea out of sync with the views of most Poles, the right-wing leader stressed the importance […]

It is “necessary” to better prepare journalism trainees for the realities of increasingly “vile” online abuse they could face, according to a new report. The study, published in the Journal of the Association for Journalism Education, found that abuse has become “more commonplace, more vile and more serious” in ways that can impact young journalists’ […]

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