Consequences of Exposure

What happens when individuals are exposed to misinformation? Researchers are studying effects on the societies in which those individuals live, communicate, and make decisions. One of the biggest challenges is measuring the actual effects of misinformation. Scholars have employed ethnographic and behavioral science techniques to try to tease out the ramifications of contaminated information environments.

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The rapid rise of social media over the past two decades has brought with it a surge in misinformation. Online debates on topics such as vaccinations, presidential elections (pdf) and the coronavirus pandemic are often as vociferous as they are laced with misleading information. Perhaps more than any other topic, climate change has been subject […]

As anti-racism protests continue to sweep the United States, disinformation experts warn the Black Lives Matter movement is threatened by domestic disinformation, created and spread by far-right and white supremacists conspiracy groups. Last week, U.S. representatives Val Demings and Raja Krishnamoorthi pressed federal intelligence authorities to determine if foreign adversaries are exploiting American social movements, including Black […]

When Elena Iliadis searched for “Black Lives Matter” on GoFundMe, the popular online fundraising platform, she didn’t do much research on the first verified foundation that popped up. Inspired to help the cause, the 19-year-old Georgetown University sophomore and her a capella group, the Phantoms, raised nearly $1,100 for what they thought was the global […]

Recently, a video called “Plandemic” went viral on social media. PolitiFact flagged eight fake or misleading claims it made about COVID-19. YouTube and Facebook removed the video; Twitter issued “unsafe” warnings and blocked relevant hashtags. All of the platforms couched their content moderation decisions in terms of the generic “violations of community standards” language, and […]

Kristen Bell first found out there were deepfake porn videos of her online from her husband, the actor Dax Shepard. In the videos, her face has been manipulated onto porn performers’ bodies. “I was just shocked,” Bell told me. “It’s hard to think about that I’m being exploited.” And this isn’t only happening to celebrities. […]

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