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Political actors and individuals who deny the reality of human-caused climate change are a minority with an outsized ability to shape domestic climate science, policy, and communications. This literature review traces the development of climate change denial from its beginnings in conservative organizations and the energy industry in the mid-20th century, and shows how the […]

As the effects of climate change continue to worsen, so does the ideological polarization around this issue which has caused an increase in climate denialism. With the evolution of social media and the internet sharing mis- and disinformation, conspiracy theories, echo chambers, and ideological entrenchment has only furthered disbelief in climate change over the last 50 years. This literature review points to the causes of how climate information has been misused and guides us towards next steps in combatting not only climate change but climate change denial.

Catherine Weddig is a former Program Associate for MediaWell and the Media & Democracy program at the Social Science Research Council. Currently, she works in New York City on environmental issues at the nonprofit Environmental Defense Fund. She graduated with honors from Rhodes College in 2018.

The global ascendance of populism has produced an explosion of research, bringing together scholarship on American and comparative politics as well as encouraging intellectual exchange among political scientists, economists, and sociologists. A good way to get a handle on what is now a wide-ranging and interdisciplinary literature is to focus on the key debates characterizing […]

Media frames have been applied to news information for decades to influence the manner in which news is both delivered and interpreted. However, media frames have tended to focus on traditional news media channels, but the emergence of new media platforms now necessitates a recalibration of how media framing is understood in relation to media […]

With rising public awareness of climate change, celebrities have become an increasingly important community of non nation-state ‘actors’ influencing discourse and action, thereby comprising an emergent climate science–policy–celebrity complex. Some feel that these amplified and prominent voices contribute to greater public understanding of climate change science, as well as potentially catalyze climate policy cooperation. However, […]

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The wide availability of user-provided content in online social media facilitates the aggregation of people around common interests, worldviews, and narratives. However, the World Wide Web (WWW) also allows for the rapid dissemination of unsubstantiated rumors and conspiracy theories that often elicit rapid, large, but naive social responses such as the recent case of Jade […]

Stanford University Professor and Resources for the Future (RFF) University Fellow Jon A. Krosnick has collaborated with RFF since 1997 to explore American public opinion on issues related to climate change. This year’s report is the first in a new series by researchers at Stanford University, RFF, and survey research company ReconMR. The survey results […]

We have long credited Emerson and his fellow Transcendentalists with revolutionizing religious life in America and introducing a new appreciation of nature. Breaking with Protestant orthodoxy, these New Englanders claimed that God could be found not in church but in forest, fields, and streams. Their spiritual nonconformity had thrilling implications but never traveled far beyond […]

American Christians have become increasingly polarized on issues of climate change and environmental regulation. In recent years, mainline Protestant denominations and the Roman Catholic Church have made explicit declarations of support for global climate action. Prominent Southern Baptists and other evangelical Protestants, on the other hand, have issued statements that are strikingly similar to the […]

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