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A recent post on Sputnik V’s Twitter account boasts that Chile has become the 69th country to register the Russian vaccine. “Sputnik V is now authorized in 69 countries with a total population of over 3.7 billion people,” reads the text. This upbeat tone is in stark contrast with recent reports from a number of […]

 Last week, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced broad new limitations on federal prosecutors’ use of compulsory legal process—including subpoenas, warrants, and court orders—to obtain journalists’ records. This change in policy, spurred by revelations that the Justice Department had sought phone and email records of New York Times, Washington Post, and CNN reporters in the waning days of the Trump […]

Extremism Online In this essay series from Items, the SSRC’s digital forum, researchers examine how right-wing extremism ideologies multiply through digital spaces rising in popularity in the West. In order to effectively confront right-wing extremism, we must first understand how it operates in a world in which communication increasingly happens online, and in which the […]

In May of 2020, the Navajo Nation reported one of the highest per-capita COVID-19 infection rates in the United States. But even the dire official numbers didn’t tell the full story. The Native American Journalists Association’s Indigenous Investigative Collective brought together three newsrooms to launch a public records campaign to dig into how a mix […]

We may never know how many American Indians or Alaska Natives died of COVID-19. The Indian Health Service, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is not keeping track. The Centers for Disease Control cannot tell us. And some state health authorities will not disclose that data, despite multiple public records […]

Do you have an idea about how to improve commitment to democratic principles that you would like us to test? Join the challenge! American democracy is under threat. Many Americans are willing to compromise on democratic principles for partisan goals. Some are even willing to resort to violence to help their side win. Extreme dislike […]

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A discussion on how platform research to address mis/disinformation should be approached through a race-based lens, new platform research solutions and methods being pioneered and utilized by researchers of color, the unique challenges researchers of color face, and how philanthropy can better support and empower Black and Brown tech platform researchers to carry out their […]

The Flat Earth Society. The Illuminati. QAnon. Sometimes it seems like conspiracy theories have been multiplying exponentially, especially in this time of global pandemic. Why do we gravitate toward conspiracy theories to make sense of the world? What human need do these stories fill? In this program, we’ll explore some conspiracy theories old and new, […]

The news industry in the United States is grappling with many serious and simultaneous challenges, including massive declines in the number of staff and outlets, perceptions of bias and blame for increasing political polarization, and displacement by opinion and even disinformation. Growing numbers of communities lack any local news, and online platforms draw ad revenues […]

Governments are using Pegasus, the military-grade spyware sold by the Israeli firm NSO Group, to hack telephones belonging to journalists and dissidents around the world, according to research and reporting by a consortium of newsrooms and human rights organizations. Pegasus was used in the attempted or successful hacking of 37 phones, including devices belonging to […]

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