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Natalie (Talia) Jomini Stroud (Ph.D., Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania) is a Professor in the Department of Communication Studies and the School of Journalism, as well as the founding and current Director of the Center for Media Engagement in the Moody College of Communication at The University of Texas at Austin. The Center for Media Engagement examines commercially […]

Join PEN America on Wednesday, September 30 at 6:30pm ET for a live and interactive media literacy workshop that will focus on examples of mis/disinformation targeting first-time voters and helpful strategies that new voters can employ to guard against misleading election information and cast their ballots safely and confidently. Voting for the first time can […]

This paper is the second of a three-part series called Future Threats, Future Solutions that looks into the future of the European Union’s (EU) disinformation policy. This series was commissioned by the European External Action Service’s (EEAS) Strategic Communications Division and prepared independently by James Pamment of the Partnership for Countering Influence Operations (PCIO) at […]

YouTube is stepping up its measures against misinformation around the upcoming US election. In a blog post today, the platform announced an array of new changes, including changes to the search results for presidential and congressional candidates, which will now have authoritative information panels about a candidate ahead of video search results. “As we approach […]

Two years ago, most Americans knew nothing about QAnon, the ever-growing, diffuse, and violent movement devoted to a loosely connected set of conspiracy theories, most of which tie back to the idea that Donald Trump is leading a holy war against a high-powered cabal of child traffickers, some of whom drink blood. But at the time, it […]

In early March, when the true scope of the coronavirus pandemic was still widely unknown to the public, misinformation was rampant on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. A recent study examined two early pandemic myths. Researchers from three universities, including Joseph McGlynn, an assistant professor at the University of North Texas’ Department of […]

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A symposium on the powerful contributions of Black media-makers in this moment organized by Sarah J. Jackson, featuring Gene Demby, Maori Holmes, Stacy-Marie Ishmael, Jelani Cobb, Wesley Lowery, Chenjerai Kumanyika, Errin Haines and more. More detail forthcoming.

As we look at the events of 2020, we cannot ignore how issues of race, representation, and justice intersect with the growing reliance on data, algorithims, and computational approaches in nearly all aspects of our lives. Big data increasingly impacts how information flows across networks, how law enforcement and the criminal justice system operate in our […]

Twitter said Thursday it will extend its restrictions on QAnon-linked accounts and content to political candidates and elected officials who promote the conspiracy theory, a pivot in the company’s stance from August when it told Forbes it was “evaluating” an “expansion” of the new policy. Key Facts: In July, Twitter cracked down on the conspiracy theory, banning […]

Facebook this week implemented yet another new initiative meant to combat rampant, dangerous disinformation on the platform—this time, relating to the climate crisis. Unfortunately this initiative, like countless others before it, seems likely to generate positive headlines for about a week before disappearing unremarked into obscurity, solving exactly zero of Facebook’s deeper problems along the […]

Last month, Seth Brown, the executive editor of the Biblical Recorder, a Southern Baptist newspaper in Cary, N.C., delivered a stark warning to Christians. He had become increasingly concerned about the posts some of his fellow Southern Baptists were sharing on Facebook. “If you start clicking through, it doesn’t take long to find out some […]

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