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So-called “fake news” has renewed concerns about the prevalence and effects of misinformation in political campaigns. Given the potential for widespread dissemination of this material, we examine the individual-level characteristics associated with sharing false articles during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. To do so, we uniquely link an original survey with respondents’ sharing activity as […]

Legislators from around the world have gathered in London for the “international grand committee session on fake news”. Led by the UK’s Damian Collins – as chair of the digital, culture, media and sport select committee – representatives from nine countries are grilling Richard Allan, Facebook’s vice-president of policy solutions, on Tuesday at the House […]

  State-sponsored cyberwarriors and deep-pocketed influence campaigns spread plausible misinformation – what I like to call “iffy” content – as a cost-effective way to advance their social or political cause. Others spread misinformation just to earn ad revenue. Meanwhile, the big social media platforms struggle to implement fair editorial practices – disclosures and demotions, blocks […]

We know today that the popular story of the mass panic sparked by “War of the Worlds,” a radio drama staged as a normal news broadcast interrupted by breaking reports of an alien invasion, was far overblown. In a nation of about 130 million people, a generous reading would conclude that fewer than 50 Americans […]

post-info-date post-info-right post-info-in post-info-out post-info-wrap post-header “THIS IS HUGE!!! Why isn’t the mainstream media covering this? These two officers in Georgia have killed over 250 people in the line of duty!” That’s what the Facebook meme post said. It was a dire warning of the brutal acts committed by two police officers, and even provided a photo […]

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his company InfoWars may have had their accounts yanked from Twitter, but that has not erased their presence from the platform. According to a CNN report, Twitter took action on Monday and suspended 18 additional accounts associated with Jones and InfoWars. The decision came after the Daily Beast reported last […]

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A row raging over the migrant caravan travelling towards the United States is being fuelled by misinformation and false statements online. Thousands of migrants have got as far as Mexico, after the caravan which set out from Honduras has travelled north and grown in size. The caravan’s progress towards the US southern border has become […]

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