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“Theorizing the Web is an inter- and non-disciplinary annual conference that brings together scholars, journalists, artists, activists, and technology practitioners to think conceptually and critically about the interrelationships between the Web and society. We deeply value public engagement, and consider insights from academics, non-academics, and non-“tech theorists” alike to be equally valuable.”

“Alternative facts and fake news have complicated our trust in the Fourth Estate, but has our media ever been truly objective and democratic? Join BHS and the Social Science Research Council for a discussion that challenges that notion and explores America’s long-standing romanticizing of what the media is and how it functions. Race, gender, and power have […]

“We, Jennifer Pan and Yiqing Xu, are looking to hire an outstanding and motivated full-time Postdoctoral Research Fellow. The position will be based at Stanford. The position will last for 2 years, starting in Fall 2019. The postdoctoral fellow will work with us on various projects related to public preferences, media, and politics in China. […]

In an interview airing on “Good Morning America” on Thursday, the Facebook CEO said a delay “might” have limited the number of views of a livestreamed video last month purportedly showing a gunman walking into a mosque in New Zealand and opening fire. “But it would also fundamentally break what livestreaming is for people. Most […]

A year ago, Susan Wojcicki was on stage to defend YouTube. Her company, hammered for months for fueling falsehoods online, was reeling from another flare-up involving a conspiracy theory video about the Parkland, Florida high school shooting that suggested the victims were “crisis actors.” Wojcicki, YouTube’s chief executive officer, is a reluctant public ambassador, but […]

Global communications technology has streamlined the power of suggestion. Behind every Facebook ad, Twitter feed, and YouTube recommendation is an algorithm that’s designed to keep users using: It tracks preferences through clicks and hovers, then spits out a steady stream of content that’s in line with your tastes. The longer you spend on the platform, […]

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On an otherwise ordinary Sunday in late January, a 32-year-old web editor for a chain of local radio stations in Central Texas ran across a news item that he found interesting. Ten minutes later, he had written and published what would become Facebook’s most-shared story of 2019 so far. The story has nothing to do […]

Let’s get one thing out of the way: No, the shooter who live-streamed himself killing 50 worshipers in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, this month was not being serious when he wrote that “Spyro the Dragon 3 taught me ethno-nationalism” and “Fortnite trained me to be a killer.” Rather, with this statement, the killer […]

Anti-vaxxers have long used GoFundMe to raise money to spread their dangerous message—but now the site is cutting them off, The Daily Beast has learned. “Campaigns raising money to promote misinformation about vaccines violate GoFundMe’s terms of service and will be removed from the platform,” spokesman Bobby Whithorne told The Daily Beast. “We are conducting […]

Jack, a 16-year-old who asked to be referred to by a pseudonym to protect his identity, has learned a lot about politics through Instagram. In 2020, he’ll be able to vote for the first time, and so he recently started following some new Instagram pages to bone up on issues facing the country. “I try […]

President Donald Trump on Wednesday accused “deranged” media outlets of digitally editing pictures of first lady Melania Trump and fanning the flames of conspiracy theories that the first lady employed a body double last week on the couple’s trip to survey tornado damage in Alabama. The unfounded “Fake Melania” theory, which purports that the first […]

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