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It was the deal that helped make Spotify a podcasting giant, but has now put the company at the center of a fiery debate about misinformation and free speech. Spotify was already the king of music streaming. But to help propel the company into its next phase as an all-purpose audio juggernaut, and further challenge […]

The 2016 presidential election in the United States stood to be historic—and historic it was, albeit in part for the wrong reasons. Donald Trump’s rise to power was unique, and in time the public would witness the dropping of one bombshell after the next concerning the circumstances around the election; a steady flow of revelations […]

If you want to understand why Facebook too often is a cesspool of hate and disinformation, a good place to start is with users such as John, Michelle, and Calvin. John, a caps-lock devotee from upstate New York, calls House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “PIGLOSI,” uses the term negro, and says that the right response to […]

Spanish-language misinformation on social media platforms is flourishing, even as tech companies add more moderators, adopt stricter content rules, add context labels and block offending accounts. Why it matters: Latinos are increasingly turning to social media for news during the pandemic — including important elections where Spanish-language misinformation sometimes sits unchallenged, posing threats to health and […]

MIAMI — The proliferation of Spanish-language conspiracy theories, misinformation and disinformation is already intensifying ahead of the midterm elections, several Democrats and experts warned at a roundtable held Monday in Miami by congressional Democrats. Florida International University political scientist Eduardo Gamarra said he’s been documenting a “causal link” between misinformation and disinformation and how Spanish speakers […]

In a vaccination centre in El Alto, Bolivia, the staff bagged up in protective gear far outnumbered the few people sitting in plastic chairs waiting for their injection. A young doctor reeled off a list of all the vaccines available: Sinopharm, Sputnik, Pfizer, Moderna. What’s lacking is demand. They see 100 people on a good […]

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Critical race theory is a buzzword that is at the center of a heated debate on what children learn in classrooms. The only problem — what does it mean? Some parents and Republican legislators say educators are “indoctrinating” students with certain lessons on race that make students feel “discomfort” or “shame.” They say critical race […]

JUANA SUMMERS, HOST: Like with almost every aspect of our lives, there are apps for parents-to-be to track their pregnancies and learn more about what to expect when they’re expecting. These kind of apps put information at a person’s fingertips, like how a fetus’s size compares to different fruits, daily tips to prepare for birth, […]

Mainstream news media outlets have, in recent years, begun to create advertisements that look like news articles on their websites and on social media. My research raises questions about whether this modern form of advertising might influence those outlets’ real journalism. These specific advertisements are called “native advertising,” but are also tagged as “sponsored content,” […]

Rapidly evolving situations, the time taken to accumulate evidence and the complexity of new developments are all factors that may lead to the emergence of science misinformation, scientists and analysts have told Reuters. Misleading claims relating to scientific issues frequently feature in fact check articles produced by Reuters and others, with social media posts relating […]

When Amanda Gardner, an educator with two decades of experience, helped to start a new charter elementary and middle school outside of Seattle last year, she did not anticipate teaching students who denied that the Holocaust happened, argued that Covid is a hoax and told their teacher that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. Yet […]

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