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For some completely unknowable reason, a lot of people are interested these days in why Americans sometimes get the most damn-fool ideas in their heads about politics. What leads people to believe fantastical claims of imaginary voter fraud, say, or that the Democratic Party is run by a league of Satanic cannibal pedophiles? There’s plenty […]

The proliferation of social media has allowed the antivaccine movement to become more influential than at any point in history. Earlier studies have demonstrated that social media platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter are filled with antivaccine information. The consumption of antivaccine social media content could negatively impact vaccine attitudes and consequently vaccine uptake. Furthermore, […]

POSTDOCTORAL ASSOCIATE, Political Science, to join Adam Berinsky (Political Science) and David Rand (Sloan School of Management, Brain & Cognitive Sciences) in working on an NSF-Funded project (Integrating Political Science and Cognitive Science to Meet the Challenge of Promoting Accurate Information on Social Media) that seeks to integrate political science and cognitive science to understand […]

The principle that “anyone can edit” Wikipedia has been foundational to the massive success of the nearly entirely volunteer-driven encyclopedia. With its first edit on January 15, 2001, the English Wikipedia website has averaged around 300 million pageviews per day over the past two years as people use the site to research everything from political […]

No one was safe from their anger. White nationalist Proud Boys users on Telegram called the U.S. Capitol Police “f—ing coward[s]” while others livestreamed themselves running amok in the halls of Congress to their loyal online fanbases. Others were captured on video calling the police “traitors” and “pigs,” threatening their deaths. False rumors flew that […]

On January 6, chaos descended on Washington D.C. as supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the United States Capitol Building. Amid the melee, a longtime QAnon promoter known as “the Q Shaman” made his way onto the Senate floor and occupied the speaker’s rostrum. He was far from the only QAnon supporter on the scene […]

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Exaggerating the threat of foreign disinformation made the problem harder to address. As the information scholars Alexei Abrahams and Gabrielle Lim warned in a prescient article last summer, the more that the problem was described in sensational, militarized terms, the narrower the band of potential solutions. Describing online disinformation as a national-security problem tends to […]

In the months after Rodrigo Duterte was elected president of the Philippines in 2016, Maria Ressa’s staff at the independent news site Rappler investigated a slew of killings believed to be connected to Duterte’s brutal war on drug suspects and users. Ressa, a prominent journalist and Rappler’s CEO, also published a series of stories examining […]

Even with all the warning signs that something like this could happen, there was nothing that could have mentally prepared us to watch a mob storm the halls of the US Capitol building this week, disrupting a process that is a constitutional function and threatening the safety of hundreds of elected officials and staff. But […]

Consumer activist Nandini Jammi, cofounder of Sleeping Giants and Check My Ads, says that marketers have spent entirely too much time worrying about what real news their ads appear alongside—and a shocking lack of time concerned with whether their ads are funding disinformation online. […] Source: Capitol coup should be a wake-up call to brands […]

After insisting for years that false claims about vaccines are better left up to be debunked, Facebook announced last month that it would remove misinformation about the safety and efficacy of the coronavirus vaccine, citing “imminent physical harm.” More than a month later, anti-vaccine accounts are still spreading misinformation, according to one monitor, while others […]

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