News on Contexts of Misinformation

Our article describes how users’ decisions to share content alter the frequencies of the frame elements observed by social media peers. Changes in the frequency of distinct frame elements shape […]

What happens when journalism is made superfluous? Combining ethnography, media analysis, moral and political theory this book examines the unravelling of professional journalism in Russia over the past twenty-five years, […]

In the wake of the US 2016 Presidential Election, concerns about misinformation traversing on social media have heightened. Since then, much of the public discourse has been on developing effective […]

After the 2020 murder of George Floyd, a flood of protest activity against racial injustice ensued around the world, and a significant uptick in support for Black Lives Matter followed. […]

Media Consumption, Misinformation, and Polarization Social media has transformed the media and political landscape, but the vast majority of Americans still get their news from traditional sources such as local […]

This article sets out to explain national variation in the governance of fake news; it asks, under what conditions would governments pursue securitization in order to address the threat of […]

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In 2020, the term ?infodemic? rose from relative obscurity to becoming a popular catch-all metaphor, representing the perils of fast, wide-spreading (false) information about the coronavirus pandemic. It featured in […]

Climate change policies have become priorities for many local governments across many countries. In the United States, however, skepticism of climate science and political motives remains dominant in much of […]

Tomás Gold is a doctoral candidate in Sociology and a Kellogg Institute fellow at the University of Notre Dame. His research is focused on explaining the dynamic interactions between political […]

Dr. Yunkang Yang is Assistant Professor of Communication at the Department of Communication and Journalism, Texas A&M University. He received his doctorate in communication from the Department of Communication at […]

The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) seeks to hire a postdoctoral fellow to advance the aims of the Mellon-funded Data Fluencies Project. The position offers a rich experience in both […]

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